TeaTV Apk Download For Android Latest Version 10.0 2020

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Teatv apk file is the most-loved application all over the world because of many reasons. TeaTv offers a large number of free TV shows, movies, cartoons, wrestling and many other shows for their customers free of cost. This company developed many platforms to entertain their customer and also for their business.

We will tell you the complete process in this article on how to download teatv apk for android device. There are a lot of android users who want to get this app, but they don’t know how to get this for their smartphones.

If you are a computer user and want to watch teaTV app on windows please click this link. It will take you to the download page where you can get this app for your PC.

How To Download Tea Tv Apk For Android


  1. You need to click on the download button given up to download the file for your android device.
  2. Then, you need to wait some minutes after downloading the file.
  3. After, the file will be downloaded you need to open the file in your cell.
  4. The file is clean and without any type of virus, you can put the file in online virus check websites.
  5. Now we are going to tell you the installation process of teaTv apk.

How to install teaTV on firestick

We have made an installation guide on firestick because people were demanding this in our articles. You can watch the complete guide in that article on how to set up teaTV on firestick.

How To Install TeaTV Apk For Android

  1. First, take your android phone.
  2. On the home screen click on settings.
  3. Then, click on security and enable unknown resources.
  4. If it will give you an error then you need to do these steps.
  5. The easy way to install apk file is by Es file explorer.
  6. That explorer will install the files for you in easy steps.

How to install teaTv on PC

It may also available on the Roku device, but we don’t know about that. We are telling that point because yesterday on our comment we saw someone asking for is teaching available on the Roku device.

There is a reason for its availability on Roku because Roku has also millions of users all over the world. There is a condition that teaTV development team thinks about this platform.

How to install teaTV on iPhone

TeaTv Old Versions

TeaTV apk 8.9Download
TeaTV 8.5Download
TeaTV 6.9rDownload
TeaTV apk 8.1Download
TeaTV apk 8.4Download
TeaTV apk 8.3Download
TeaTV apk 8.2Download
TeaTV apk 8.0rDownload
TeaTV apk 7.5rDownload
TeaTV apk 7.9rDownload

You can also download TeaTv for Mac because Mac has limited users and people don’t make websites on this platform. We have given a working link for this platform just you need to visit the link and then you get the file.

It may work on windows 7 32 bits, but we have checked it on windows 10.

Is TeaTV apk Available On Google play?

No, it is not available on google play because it was giving content, which is against copyright terms. That is why google removes this application from its apps downloading. It was giving TV shows without permission of different owners so now it is removed from the app store.

How To Update TeaTV

  • There are 2 ways to update its file.
  • First, it will automatically update when a new update will arrive on your device.
  • Second, if it will not ask you for an update you need to update by yourself.
  • You need to go to the app> uninstall the app and then delete all the existing files.
  • Now download the new version.
  • Install it in your device where you want to watch it.

TeaTV Keeps Restarting?

If you have problems with your device means this is app is getting restart again and again. You need to delete the application from your device and re-install it again then your app will work fine.

Minimum Android OS Version

You must have android version 7.0 or higher to the application on your smartphone. The problem is that the older version of OS has no compatibility with the app in your device.

Multiple Player Options

This app has a large number of player supporting, but its own player name Tplayer that is a great streaming player. You can get it from different sources and websites it is also available on the app store.

Safe Mode Option

This is one of the best options that tucked in this app. You can on the safe mode that will help you give the option in which your kids can watch unlimited shows and programs which are suitable for them. There is another option also available there where you can switch off safe mode and watch anything according to your desires.

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Minimum Ram

It will run on almost every smartphone nowadays, but if you want to run it perfectly without lag. You need to have at least 2 GB ram in your cell phone then it will run smooth on your mobile phone. If you don’t know what the specification is of your cell phone then go into the settings and phone information to check your ram.

Teatv apk for iphone

TeaTV Apk Alternatives

There is a big list of alternatives for this application, but no one can take its position because this application is available in free of cost. Now we are going to discuss some of its alternatives in this article that may help you if teaTV is not available in your region.

1- Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video is an alternative to teaTV this is also one of the best streaming services by amazon.com. We know Amazon is the world’s largest online store that is serving people for many years so if you want to get their app you can buy their subscription. They are providing a large number of TV shows, movies, animations, and many other programs.

If you want to know all the content list of amazon prime video please visit this link. There is a big list of programs available in that article that will tell you almost best shows by this streaming. We have a guide in which we have told how to install teaTV on android TV with a complete guide in the article.

2- Hulu

This is one of the top streaming services that is also providing a variety of shows in their streaming. Hulu is popular in many countries including the USA and almost in complete Europe. Hulu is also providing its streams in 4k because in the past many of its customers demand it this resolution. We are going to providing with you the list of Hulu shows under this line then you will get what shows this service is providing you. TeaTv apk is similar to this application because most things are the same as well as its interface.

Hulu Shows

  • Castle rock
  • Pen15
  • Shrill
  • The act
  • Into the dark
  • Veronica mars
  • Ramy
  • Catch-22
  • Light as a feather
  • Looking for Alaska
  • Casual
  • The path
  • The looming tower
  • Doll face
  • The Mindy project
  • The bisexual

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3- Showbox

Showbox takes over many of its competitors because of its quality. This application rocks in many ways as compared to any other streaming app. I can say after teaTV I will give the vote to show box because its features and streaming service is better than all other services.

Showbox Content

  • Amber liu
  • Rex orange county
  • Trippe red
  • The green
  • Randy houser
  • Michael kiwanuka
  • Super diamond
  • Mike Gordon
  • Yound Dolph and Key Glock
  • Ekali
  • American authors and magic giant
  • Run river north

4- Tubi TV

It is one of the best streaming apps that is also providing a lot of shows through their stream. It is one hundred percent legal streaming you don’t need to use any VPN service for watching this stream online on your devices. There are not showing any ads in their stream so that is a plus point for you people if you are a user of this application.

You can download this from app store by visiting their URL. There are thousands of great comedy serials available in this app because they are focusing on comedy and entertainment too much.

5- Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is the top used application on the planet. Their great content is their identity they make a revolution in the industry of streaming applications. The content of the app hosts on fastest cloud servers that make them better than many other streaming applications. In 2018 it was shut down because of its some pirated stuff maybe, but we are not confirmed for that statement. TeaTV apk is the app that got a 9/10 rating on the internet from most the websites.

Download free apk file click here